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inspire. express. connect.

Just outside downtown Dover, New Hampshire an innovative community of seniors and persons with disabilities knows the meaning of home. 


At Allied Living, we propose a paradigm shift in the way we think about seniors, people with disabilities, and residents of affordable housing. These people aren’t just in a holding space with nowhere to go. We need to believe in hope and the possibility of moving beyond society’s expectations of the patterns that people have experienced previously in life. 

With inclusive amenities on either side of Cricket Brook, as well as innovative design in homes and common areas, residents of Allied Living are invited to express their identities and connect with their neighbors and the greater Dover community. 

Collaboration: Joel Miller, Stacy Ester, Nora Bland, Will Dolenshek
HUD national Innovations in Affordable Housing Design Competition  |  January-April 2018

placed 2nd out of 80+ teams 

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