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Across from the Buell Theater in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, our team of design/build students worked to transform a small rundown commercial space into the Next Stage Collaborative art gallery. This was my first design/build project and it opened my eyes to the challenges of translating design into construction. I learned the importance of simple, clean design- and only making things complex when it is necessary and meaningful to do so. 

We stripped the carpet and resurfaced the concrete floors, created movable display wall and kiosks, designed and installed new lighting, fabricated the signage, developed a new ceiling grid with Dibond paneling- all while taking into consideration the building code requirements and a short 3 month time frame.

simplify. open. expand.

Instructor: Rick Sommerfeld  |  Intro to Design/Build  (ARCH 6370)  |  Fall 2017

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